KP Concepts has been helping others visualize their thoughts for years since 2010 officially. If you're wondering what KP stands for, it's the initials of my name Koapono Patrick. As a kid I was always drawing cars and trucks nonstop then later transitioned to digital design in high school. This is when I realized people were willing to pay for "work" that I truly enjoyed doing as a hobby and knew it was the field I wanted to pursue. To take things serious after high school, I attended Francis Tuttle Tech Center where I earned a certificate in Graphic Communications (graphic design, photography, and printing) in just half the time it usually takes to complete.

During my schooling I became busier and busier with custom vehicle renderings which is when I started KP Concepts and haven't looked back since. Fast forward to today at the age of 27, I've continued to sharpen my skills and expand my abilities while building a client base ranging from your "average Joe" building a vehicle in his garage, to custom shops building vehicles for their own clients, to corporations building vehicles for promotion and events like SEMA. Whether it be a big or small project, I believe that when you do something you enjoy you put more effort and pride into it. There is no big team behind the scenes here, just a dedicated designer who is multifaceted to offer a personable experience with quality services and products at affordable rates.

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